Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updates on Me + Future Postings

Updates On Me:

Not many here know this but I have been trying to start a family with my husband for the last four months. Today a digital test confirmed that indeed I am pregnant! I wasn't really sure this day would ever come, she/he will be our first so we are more then just a little excited. What I thought was interesting is what I got from my pregnancy tracker lol.

According to it:

Ovulation date:
Tue, March 3rd ,2009
Conception date: Wed, March 4th ,2009
Implantation date: Thu, March 12th ,2009
Due date: Wed, November 25th ,2009
Still to go: 252 days to go

Your pregnancy begins at conception. (Wed, March 4th ,2009) Your due date is 266 days (38 weeks) later. (Wed, November 25th ,2009) We will use the more popular numbering, starting 14 days before your conception. According to this, you are already 2 weeks pregnant at the time of conception, making your total pregnancy last 40 weeks, or 280 days. "

First off this means I probably won't be eating Thanksgiving, also implantation date is my birthday! This is the best belated birthday gift. :)

Future Posts:

I don't want anyone to worry about me not making posts for the next nine months or so. I will continue to do so. :) In fact my next series of posts will be tutorials on different flowers you can make either as a cane or 3-D flower. ;) I thought this would get us all in the mood for Spring.


Linda said...



KAT said...

Oh what fabulous news!! I am sending you soooo many congratulations right now, and tons of {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

I am Super excited for you!! Yay!!
(doing a little happy dance over here for you!)

Take care of you and the little one,

Duni said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

take care,


KAT said...

Congrats again, and I have given you an award over at my hurry.

Take care,

CB said...

Thanks Linda, Kat, and Duni for the congrats. :) We are pretty excited over here, calling family and the like. I'm just hoping I am lucky and get a easy pregnancy lol.

PS: Kat I shall head over to your blog then.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I wish you could see me right now..

I have tears in my eyes.. and I am just bursting with happiness for you.

I have been in a funk all week. Just not feeling like myself..kind of feeling a bit shut down, taken some time away to just be.

Then, I come on this morning to check in with my friends. and I see this!

What a wonderful birthday present for you.. the best that the universe has to offer.

I look forward to hearing about your journey, I do hope you will give us snippets along the way...

Much Love and Happiness,


CB said...

Kristen you are too sweet! I'm sorry you have been feeling down, but glad my bit of news cheered you up some. :)

I will give updates about the baby as I go along. ;)

Stine said...

Congratulations! You're in for a great ride! (I should know, I've got 6... 4 biobrats +2 bonusbrats)
Thanks for your visit & comment, and take care!
Oh, and as I can't put my .com blog as my signature here, it's

Carapace said...

Oh, super congratulations! I'm glad you won't be disappearing, though, because I'm selfish.

Sorry to disappear-but glad to come back to see good news!

Msplumuniq said...

Super congrats on this! What a wonderful surprise-praying that all goes well the duration of the pregnancy!

Msplumuniq said...

BTW, when I had my 9 yr. old girl, I was 39 at the time of conception and 40 at the time of birth. NO ONE including doctors thought I could ever get pregnant again (my son is 22). They didn't even think I could have him with my thyroid problems! I was still considered "high risk" even after finding out I was pregnant with my girl. But, she turned out healthy and normal. Shows you what God can do -I consider my kids miracles!
Congrats to you and take care my friend!