Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Did You Make That?

Today's how did you make that post will be about how I made the candy cane ornaments as shown below. These are great ornaments for a Christmas tree as unlike real candy canes they will never melt nor rot. Also good for those who don't like the strong sent of mint.

How Did I Make it?

1) Pick out one color of clay as well as transparent clay. I used the traditional green and red colors but any colors can be used. Condition clay well

2) Roll out colored clay into a long skinny log. Cut to make several skinny logs.

3) Repeat step # 2 with transparent clay. Logs should be same length as colored logs

4) Twist one transparent log with colored log, bend top of twisted log into hook like shape.

5) Bake and enjoy!

Final Words:

Twisting two colors together is a fun technique for a variety of projects. One can make twisted log beads, or even a twisted border on a photo frame. You can also twist more then two colors together for a different look. Braiding logs is a lot of fun too.

You can find more pictures of my own candy canes by clicking here: Candy Cane Ornaments