Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Contest Winners

Congrats To The Winners:

Second place goes to....DesertSoapstone! You win 1000 EC credits, plus three weeks of advertising on my blog. Since you don't have Entre-card on your blog, I will give you an additional week of free advertising. ;)

I think my polymer clay would make charming charms for your soap.

Third place is held up by...Duni You shall get 500 EC credits :)

Very creative way to use my clay with your purses!

Fourth and Fifth place also get 500 EC credits they are.....Kat, and rkdesigns.

Kat: Our polymer clay babies probably would take over the entire world of blogging lol.

rkdesigns: Our crafts combined would make cute babies. ;)

*Drum Roll Please*......

The person with the most creative response and the taker of first place is.....Caraspace!

Caraspace I really liked seeing my blog as a cartoon through your eyes. I love the playful words and descriptions you used, great job!

You will win free advertisement on my blog on your shop or blog (choose one) for a month and get a special feature on your blog/shop.

Final Words:

I did this contest just to have fun, so I hope you all enjoyed it. :) Tomarrow I shall hand out the prizes, as well as put up a spot on my blog for the free advertising!


Duni said...

Yippee! This is the first time I have ever won anything on a blog contest before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

have a great weekend,


Carapace said...

Wow, how fantastic! Thank you!

I'll take a feature on my shop-- I love my shop! Everyone come to my shop!--and just tell me what sort of ad I should make up (or are you making it? I don't know!).

Thank you so much! This is super of you!

KAT said...

Thank you soooo much!! I am so excited to have won!! You make me feel so special!!

What a great contest!! It was fun!

Have a great weekend!

KAT said...

Hi, me again.....I left you something over at my blog....congrats!

Have a great weekend,

CB said...

First off your very welcome everyone. Glad you all had fun with it. :)

Caraspace I was thinking just a 60 by 60 pixels ad, it can be anything you want of course. ;)

rkdsign88 said...

Yay....Thank you CB,like Duni, this is my first blog contest too :)
So this is really great for me!

rkdsign88 said...

Hello again, I just received the credits, thank you so much :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

With being in North Carolina.. then Traveling to Texas.. I was off my game a bit regarding blogging.. and reading blogs. Your contest was on my mind though, but I never did get around to giving my answer.. I was brainstorming about the cartoon one..

Anyway, we are back home now.. Got home yesterday.. It was a HECK of a drive, let me tell you..
Anyway, I am going to go now do a blog post..
I hope you are having a super weekend!

And Congrats to the winners!! :D

CB said...

lol I understand kristen, we all get busy somedays and I did enjoy reading about your trip. :)

You are very welcome rkdsign

Desert Soapstone said...

I have never won anything I can remember! This is so great! Thank you very much!