Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday: How Did you Make that?

I decided to start doing posts describing how I made certain polymer clay items. This could also be just describing specific techniques. Above is polymer clay cat magnet I made recently. You can find more pictures of it in my shop here: Cat Magnet
How Did I Make it?

1) I used mica powders, glitter, liquid polymer clay, paint, magnet, and glaze for this colorful cat magnet.

2) I started by cutting out black polymer clay in the shape I wanted (a cat). Then outlined the outside with more black polymer clay.

3) I added various shapes to the inside using an extruder and black polymer clay.

4) Liquid polymer clay was added in these shapes along with glitter, and/or colored mica powders.

5) After it was baked I added a touch of gold paint as a trim, then put glaze on top of everything.

Other Ideas
This technique can be used in lots of different ways to create different polymer clay items. You can also paint it different colors to give it a unique look. I have also left it plain black, the colors really pop out against black. On the left is a switchplate where I also used this technique. In this instance I made rectangle shapes, almost like a border around the switchplate. I also used less glitter proportion compared to the liquid polymer clay. This gives it a more transparent look with just a dash of sparkle. The more glitter or mica powder you use the more solid the color will look when mixed with the liquid polymer clay. You can find more pictures of this swithplate here: Switchplate

Final Words:

I love this technique because you can make it unique every time. It does take a little bit of trial and error to figure out the different ratios of mica powder/glitter and liquid polymer clay to get the effect you desire. Practice makes perfect, and a pad of paper with a pen to write it all down is handy too. It is also very messy and brings me back to my childhood playing with glitter and glue. ;)


Veronica Lee said...

WOW!! Awesome. The cat magnet is super cute!!!

Have a nice day!

Duni said...

That kitty is so cute! Love it!
And it's always interesting to read the process behind the finished item.

And welcome back - it's been ages :)

CB said...
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CB said...

Thank you Veronica. :)

Yes it has been a while Duni, I've missed it.

rkdsign88 said...

Wow ! Thank you so much for sharing this.