Friday, October 1, 2010

Etsy, Baby, Artfire, Hubby, Blogger and Me.

It's been a long while since I have posted on this, nearly a whole year in fact. During these recent months I have finally started working on Etsy again doing my polymer clay. I am also going to start working on doing posts here too. :) Add in a baby, starting Artfire supply shop, and my husband to the list of things I'm doing. Basically I have a nice new full plate.

To kick off my reopening I thought I would do a blogger game.

Goal Game:

The point of this game is to write down a list of goals on your blog of things you want to accomplish before 2011, which is only a few months away! ;) At the end of the game I will post a few of my favorite goals from others as well as link to their blog.


1. Post at least four goals you want to accomplish before 2011

2. Post your favorite goals from other blogs

3. Have fun!

My Goals:

1. Have 100 items listed in my Etsy shop

2. Finish making those longies for our daughter

3. Have a date night with my husband

4. Have at least twenty items in my new Artfire shop

5. Have sales, don't we all want that? :P

I hope everyone has fun with this, and later on I may do the generosity reward game again as well. Christmas is coming. ;)


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Girl! I have missed you!! I squealed a little bit when I read that you just posted a comment! We are at a hotel right now, on our way to NC for a week, but I will totally participate in this game as soon as we get settled there.. we won't be there until Sunday night though.. anyway, many hugs to you, congrats on your baby.. and welcome back! :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.
Have a nice day!

CB said...

Kristin: I missed you too and I hope you are having fun in NC. :) *hugs back* I will try to keep posting this time too lol.

Veronica: Thanks for following. I hope you enjoy my blog. ;)

Moonangelnay said...

goal setting yes! go for it! thoughts manifest so aim high and see where it takes you, best of luck!

i am now following you :) thanks for taking part in my blog hop! please feel free to take part in my giveaway :)

Moonangelnay Handmade Blog

Best wishes!

Nay x

Tak said...

I'm following you now, hope you will follow my blog too!

CB said...

Moonangelnay: I like that "thoughts manifest so aim high and see where it takes you." It is very inspiring.
I also have entered your blog giveaway, I have a baby girl who does need a winter hat.

Tak: Thanks for the follow, I followed back. ;)

yeevon said...

My goals before 2011!
1. To list 50 items with well mixture of prints and merchandises
2. To double up the sales that I'm having right now (fingers crossed, woo~)
3. To start and finish the new series of illustrations
4. Happy smile no matter what situation

Oh I'm going to post this to my blog XD For reminding!

CB said...

Nice goals yeevon!