Saturday, September 20, 2008

Technique Time: Cane Work Part 2

Boy did time fly by this weekend! Anyhow, I am still doing some cane work techniques, this next one is also by using a bullseye cane. Last time I showed you how to make a very simple bullseye cane, this time I will be doing a more complex pattern. Also I will show how one can use this pattern to make a pillow bead. ;)

For those of you who did not read Cane Work Part 1 I highly recommend it before going forward. :) You can find my post by clicking here.

How Can I Make patterns With Cane Work?

1) You will first need to make a basic bullseye cane as I described in "Cane Work Part 1." Use any colors you wish, be creative. :)

I shall in fact be using the exact bullseye cane I used in that post for this one as shown below.

2) Next you will need to cut this cane into four sections.

3) Now you need to reduce each section by pinching the middle until it looks a little like a hourglass. Roll each side of the hourglass with your palm against your work space until each side is even.

Remember to do all four sections, so we end up with four skinnier versions of the original cane.

4) Cutting, yupe that's right you will need to cut those four skinner versions in half. Making a total of eight small canes.

You will need to stack the eight small canes on top of each other, so they are somewhat round and look like the picture below.

5)Roll this newly formed cane until all seams blend together with your palm.

6) Again reduce this newly formed cane (please see step #3). You may need to cut off the ends, and as you can see you have a unique pattern!

How To Make Pillow Bead?

1) Using the cane you just made above pinch the sides in carefully with your thumb and middle finger as shown.

2) Now pinch the top in between your thumb and middle finger to make the cane square.

3) You should now have a square cane, which is perfect for making pillow beads. Next take a scrap of clay and roll it into a ball. The size of your ball should be slightly smaller then the diameter of your square cane.

4) Flatten the top of the ball with your thumb and middle finger. Do not flatten the ball all the way as you will be turning this ball into a square.

5) Pinch both sides of the slightly flattened ball, it should turn out looking like a square in the end.

6) Now pinch each of the corners of the now square clay, it should look something like this:

This is where pillow beads get their name, they make a shape similar to that of a pillow. :)

7)Remember the square cane we made not too long ago? You will be using this square cane to cover up your pillow shaped clay.

Cut a thin slice from your square cane and cover one side of the pillow shaped clay. This slice of the square cane should be cold by now and easier to not distort the pattern.

8) Now cut another thin slice from the square cane and cover up the other side of the pillow bead. You will need to carefully blend in the seams at the side and make sure the corners stay put. Some adjustments can be made until you are happy with the results. ;)

You now have a completed pillow bead, all you need to do now is put a hole through the bead with a needle.

My Final Words:

Cane work, like pillow beads, are very addicting. I really suggest you experiment, even just with the left over square cane I found a new pattern. I simply cut the cane in half, the long way, and inside was a different swirled pattern. ;)

Next technique time I will be doing another cane work part; however, this one will be far more complex. I will show you how to make your own unique image into a cane. :)


LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

Ohhh im going to stalk the next one. Ive dabbles slightly in this stuff, the tutorial looks great!

MySweetThree said...

You will be my go-to guide when I want to try my hand at polymer said it is addicting..I am just not sure if I could handle another craft addiction just yet! ha ha..

CB said...

Thanks tagsandbuttons and mysweetthree. :)

Oh and yes polymer clay is very addicting! There are so many things I still want to try. ;)