Monday, September 22, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller: designsbybrie

Welcome to my second post on a new etsy seller. :)

Who Did I Discover?

Today I ran into the shop of designsbybrie who makes colorful and cheerful personalized hooks and hair bow holders.

Who is designsbybrie?

Located northwest in PA she is a mother and wife before anything else. :)

She uses colorful acrylic paints and embellishments to make her own unique designs on hook plagues as well as hair bow holders.

You will find her etsy shop by clicking here.

My Top Picks Are:

1)The first item to catch my eyes was this personalized hook:

My favorite two colors happen to be blue and green, so the colors she used here really caught my attention. I also love that each item can be customized, so it's fun to think of all the possibilities.

2) Another favorite item of mine in designsbybrie's shop would have to be this personalized hair bow holder as shown below.

I like how she uses different shapes for the plague, and this shape pops out at me.

3) My most favorite item by far in her shop would have to be.....

I love the color combination in this hair bow holder. The grey, and bright red goes perfectly together. That's a lot like my own style, dark with splashes of color!

Designsbybrie Advice To Beginners:

" My advice for someone just starting out is to make sure you know how much all of your supplies are before coming up with the price of your item, as well as considering the time you spend on it and be fair with pricing! "

My Final Words:

I enjoyed wandering around designsbybrie's shop. The best part of her shop to me is that everything is customizable, it's up to the buyer what colors, and design they want. Also the price is more then fair for the hard work she puts into these items. :)

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Len said...

you are cool!
i will recommend these to my girlfriend.