Monday, September 29, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller: SweetRoxs

Yupe it's that time again! ;)

Who Did I Discover:

This Monday I found SweetRoxs who's etsy shop is full of bright jewelry, and warm wearable knitted items.

Who Is SweetRoxs?

SweetRoxs is actually made from Lully (the sweet one), who knits diligently and Roxy (the silly one) who loves making jewelry. Roxy uses a combination of colors, glass beads, and Swarovski crystals to make her unique pieces of jewelry. Lully uses warm and soft wool to knit with. :)

You can find SweetRoxs shop by clicking here.

My Top Picks Are:

1) If you do not like snakes then you may wish to skip this pick. ;) This is after all the "Beaded Ceramic Snake necklace."

I tried to warn you! I really like how the beads and cobra snake match. The colors are very deep, dark, and earthy to me. :)

2) This one doesn't include snakes..."Precious Purple Drop Glass Bead Earrings"

The contrast of the multiple shades of purple combined in this one pair of earrings is wonderful. I also love the pattern on the bottom beads.

3) My absolute favorite item from this shop is...."Black and Red Thick and Warm Scarf"

With this up close photo you can really tell the craftsmanship that went into this scarf. Also the contrast of red and black is priceless in my book, I like the way that the red pops out at you! :)

SweetRoxs Advice To Beginners:

" My advice would be to get a good pair of reading glasses, since you will be doing close up work. Then practice and test your items on friends and relatives. "

My Final Words:

SweetRoxs' shop has some very unique items, and I absolutely adore the pictures! They are so bright, clear, and crisp that it makes me want to redo all of my own. :P I wish you good luck. :)

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