Thursday, February 26, 2009

Contest: Win Free Exposure, Advertising, EC credits!

Remember a couple days ago I said I had a couple surprises planned for later this week. Well this contest is one of them. ;) In this contest everyone will at least get some free exposure.


1) Answer one of the questions below either through comments on this post or at my email (

Question A: What do you think would happen if your blog married my blog?

Question B: How would you mix your craft with my polymer clay?

Question C: If someone made a cartoon out of my blog it what would it be called, and what kind of cartoon characters would there be?

2) You may answer all three questions if you want to, but please only answer one question once. Meaning if you answer "question A" then you can't answer "question A" again. :)

3) Please try to do at least five full sentences for your answer.

Entry Deadline:

You have until Friday, March 6th midnight eastern time zone to complete your answer.


1) First place: 2000 EC credits. Plus I will advertise their blog or shop (you choose) on my blog for a month for free, this includes a special featured post on your blog and/or shop.

2) Second place: 1000 EC credits, plus three weeks of free advertising on my blog.

3) Third, fourth, and fifth place: 500 EC credits. If you do not have entre-card then I shall advertise your blog for a week.

4) Everyone else: Free exposure on one or two big posts. When I announce the winners of this contest all entries with links to blogs will be put up.

My Final Words:

I am looking for the most creative answers to the questions. Have fun! :)


Duni said...

Hi Christina!
in answer to your question A:
if our two blogs were to 'marry' I believe some amazing bags with bright polymer clay clasps or buttons or bags with polymer clay beaded chains would be the result.
So eye-catching!

CB said...

Thanks for your answer Duni. :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

okay.. First of all, what a fun and very different, might I add, blog contest. I am going to think about this and try to come up with a creative answer!

KAT said...

Lol at all the possibilities...

To answer question A: I think that seeing as though you work in polymer clay, and I work with polymer clay and other things....if our blogs were to marry, we would have a helluva great gay clay blog!! The things we could come up with!! Whew!

Also, I have re-added myself as a follower (where did I go?) and I have left you something over at my blog...enjoy!
(and no, this isn't

KAT said...

sorry, I meant to say my soy candle blog....

CB said...

Can't wait for your answer(s) Kristin. ;)

Your answer has been noted Kat. I shall have to make a post about the award you gave me on Sunday. ;)

I'm hoping to do the second surprise Sunday as well. :)

DesertSoapstone said...

Answer to question B:
Your clays would make great charms to put into my soaps for people of all ages. My creativity is at a minimum since it is so late, but I am really getting into this tween soap thing and we could promote each other...LOL

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I left you an award too.. Probably the same one Kat gave you, LOL, you are so loved... And I am still thinking of my answer.. I think we would have one confused bead if we mixed papier mache with the polymer, so I don't think I will be answering that question, lol!

Carapace said...

Now I want to make your blog into a cartoon, or at least a comic. Your blog would be a playful eclectic woman with frizzy hair, whirling around town. Adventures would occur. Like a the heroes of Hostess ads past, you would defeat villains and schemers with the powers of polyclay. Ooh, it would be fun!

I have no Entrecard. But I'd love to be mentioned in one of your shiny posts. What a fun contest!

rkdsign88 said...

CB, you are so sweet for giving away your cute arts.
I'm not so creative to answer your question. Answer for A: I think my craft & your polymer will have very cute babies.
Who ever will win this contest, congrats :)

CB said...

First off everyone here cracks me up. ;)

Desert, thanks for your entry ah yes the tween soap thing is good, very good.

Kristen: I believe it is the same award that Kat left me lol. Funny, considering what my surprise is. :P

Caraspace: I have noted your entry. Your are the first to do a cartoon. :P

rkdesigns: Thanks for answering. :)