Thursday, November 20, 2008

Featured Etsy Seller: 1337art

I've been busy this week learning how to sculpt dragons. Hopefully I will be able to show you all a picture of my first dragon. Right now she, my hubby decided it's a girl dragon, is at my Husband's work climbing up his cubical wall.

Actually the subject of dragons does bring me to 1337art's shop, I'll explain later haha. :)

Who Did I Discover:

A shop with a variety of items with the motto: "Elite art for those elite at heart." This shop includes jewelry, men accessories, hair accessories, key chains, and bookmarks in it's inventory.

Who Is 1337art?

1337art or rather leetart meaning elite art is a female from Washington. She is also a licensed business as I'm sure many people on Etsy are.

You can fine 1337 shop by clicking here.

My Top Picks are:

1) With such a variety in 1337art's shop it was difficult to narrow it down to three, but I did. My first pick are these very pretty magnets called Flaming magnets.

I am partial to red and black, so these did grab my attention right away. Plus they magnets are very handy in my house. :)

2) Next up would be dogs and bones pewter bookmark. The pet lover in me couldn't resist. ;)

I do not have a dog myself, these are still just so cute! I am also warming up to pewter, good combination here.

3) My most favorite item from 1337art's shop is well, remember how I said that dragons brought me to 1337art's shop? Here is, dragon whisper masculine necklace:

Okay so this necklace is in the "men accessories" section, but I would buy it in a second if I could myself. ;) I love the detailing of the dragon, as well as the fact that it's pewter. Gives it more of an aged look.

1337art's Advice To Beginners:

" Start out small and learn from your mistakes. Experiment with techniques and materials until you find out where your niche is...never give up; we're in a competitive market. "

My Final Words:

1337art's shop has a variety of different items for both men and women. I believe that's an important quality in a shop to gear towards different people. Also I do like her pewter. I hope you enjoyed this feature! :)


1337 Art said...

Thank you so much for the feature! What a lovely surprise. You did a great job. <3

CB said...

Your very welcome 1337 art. :) I'm glad you liked it.

MySweetThree said...

That dragon is so the bookmark too..Makes me think of my Bailey who passsed away a couple of months ago....sniffle..It's okay, I'm okay.

Now..waiting on your dragon! =)

CB said...

Mysweetthree I had all the planing of taking pictures of that dragon, but I was too busy wandering around in the snow for two hours. :P Read my twitter lol.