Friday, October 31, 2008

Updates on Mom + Featured: Spazzy

Hi everybody. First off I just wanted to thank everyone who has given your thoughts towards my mother. I really appreciate it. :) Oh and kat, I am putting you on my blog list *points to the right.*

Right now she is apparently waiting for a "packet" from her doctor via postal mail. She has no ideal what is in this "packet," but it may explain a little more about her situation. She is feeling a lot better, and in fact is back to her old routine this Halloween. She has bought doughnuts and apple cider for her grandchildren. ;)

On that happy note, I bring you today a new featured Etsy Member!

Who Did I Discover:

I found a little shop ran by Spazzy! Spazzy's shop is full of beautiful hand-spun, and hand-dyed yarn. Plus a little section called "gifts and more."

Who is Spazzy:

A stay at home mother of two, who loves to spin yarn. Her interest with yarn began at a young age when she was given vintage knitting needles by her Nana. Many of her yarns are also eco-friendly (animal free), giving a variety of choices for those who knit. :)

You can find Spazzy's shop by clicking here.

My Top Picks Are:

1) "Build Your Own Gift Basket: Brown and Blue"

I love the color blue and these brown goes especially nice with it. Also it's something I could make myself! ;)

2) Next up is...."Reflection: Handdyed Yarn"

The green, blue, and yellow swirls mellow me out man..(kidding :P). In all seriousness though, the colors really compliment each other well. Also one can't even tell this yarn is handdyed it was done so beautifully.

3) My most favorite item from Spazzy's shop would have to be the "Angel Wings Handspun Eco Yarn."

This yarn just looks so fluffy and soft. It makes me wish I knew how to knit, so I could make a warm soft blanket with it. :)

Spazzy's Advice To Beginners:

" My advice would be to take your time and not expect your first tries to look like yarn. "

My Final Words:

For those who knit or do other crafts with yarn I would recommend Spazzy's shop. She is very creative with her yarn and everything is done by hand. All of her yarn looks very professional as well as soft and comfortable. Sometimes I wish I could make blankets with yarn, especially since it's winter and Etsy is way too tempting. ;)


MySweetThree said...

I was so excited to see you on twitter, I had to rush right over here! Welcome back, friend! I am so glad to hear about your Mom. And what a great find of Spazzy's shop!! =)

CB said...

Thanks mysweetthree. :)

KAT said...

I am so happy to hear that your Mom is feeling better! I hope that packet does the trick.

Thanks for adding me, and I have added you to "My favorite blogs".

I am going over to twitter now to add you also!

Take care!